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Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a budget laptop. The usage of the laptop (considered as 100%) will be approx. as following: 35% for work (mostly office apps+SAP ERP)+35% for multimedia (watching movies+photo editing)+30% for gaming (whatever latest games that are "playable" on the spec). I found 2 laptops within my budget which would probably suffice my needs, however they are somewhat different regarding their features. Let me lay out the specs of both for your convenience:

1) HP Pavilion 14-v226tx
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel 5th Gen Core i7-5500U (TB upto 3.1 GHz)
GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 840M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)
Display: 14" diagonal HD WLED-backlit Touch Screen (1366 x 768)
Onboard Sound Enhancement: Beats Audio

2) HP Pavilion 15-ab032tx
Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i5-5200U (TB upto 2.7 GHz)
GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 940M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)
Display: 15.6" Full HD Anti-Glare Wide Screen LED Backlit Display Non-Touch (1920x1080)
Onboard Sound Enhancement: Bang and Olufsen (B and O Play)

Other Related Info:

  • Price difference is not much between them, so it's not an issue.
  • Graphics-wise the Pavilion 15 should be a tiny bit better than the 14, where as processor-wise the Pav. 14 is a little bit better than the 15 (I don't know which config. would be more suitable for my use)
  • Also my current laptop is a 6 year old HP HDX 16 (16" display with 1366x768 res., please don't hate me), so FHD screens are not an absolute requirement for me (having it would be good though, although I assume it'd impact gaming performance hugely on native res.).
  • Same goes for having 'touchscreen' option (would be nice to have it, but don't know if it will be extremely practical).
  • Weight-wise the 15.6" is about 200gms (.04 lbs) more than the 14", so not a big deal there either.

Can anyone please suggest me which one among these two I should go for? Thanks in advance.


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Atleast mention your budget. -_-

Go for i5+940M+FHD screen. Don't pay more than 50k for either.
Sorry for not mentioning the budget as I mentioned specific models. My budget is around 50k. Both of the mentioned laptops I'm getting at around 45k-47k with some coupons I got. Do you/anybody else have any other/better recommendation for my usage purposes (SAP ERP+Multimedia+Subtle gaming) within my budget? Thanks.
Always pick FHD screen over HD screen.

Always pick IPS HD over TN FHD :p.
[MENTION=32069]RexRazr[/MENTION], I think you should go with first one, since you already getting an ULV processor, it is better to get a maxed out one in first place. 840M and 940M are not that much different.
Although, subjectively(Sorry for confusing you here), you should go with the second one if you want more area for those spreadsheets and stuff.
B&O audio = Re-branded DTS audio framework = Old Beats Audio.


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[MENTION=32069]RexRazr[/MENTION], from where you are getting HP Pavilion 14-v226tx laptop in 45-47k?
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