suggest a color accurate camera for 3D cloth scanning ?


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I developing a ready made SDK in Python OR C# that get input of two front and back images of the a costume (ex. T-Shirt ) and have to generate a 3D model of the costume using that

Example :
Imagine a Costume designer designed a T-Shirt

He want to get an 3D model

So he want to use a Camera to take multi angle front and back photos of the costume

like this


Now he will open the IDE and calls the SDK function with all of these images as input and get the 3D output in desired 3D format (obj , FBX etc)


MY Need :

I need a Camera with highest level of color accuracy to attain this . Since color accuracy very important for fashion designing

The camera must have live photo sharing with a computer i.e that is the captured photos have to be immediatly available in "Removable Disk" .

Please suggest me a Camera
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