Suggest a 27 inch 1440p monitor




My monitor got delivered,

Just switched it on. Screen is huge compared to my old monitor

Screen looks stunning, view angles are also good.

Will use for few days and give feedback

Sorry for the bad photo, will post a better one later




Monitor looks good, bright, and colorful.

The screen is huge upgrade. Everything feels way smoother now (may be 144hz refresh rate).

The screen is bight, Also there is some anti reflective coating, In bright light I do not see many reflections

Viewing angles are also good.

While coding, you can notice the extra space ( 1080p -> 1440p ) jump is pretty huge.

Played Hades / Paladins. Games looks gorgeous. Will try other games as well.

Monitor comes with power cord and hdmi 2.0 cable. You cannot use freesync feature with hdmi. I am not planning to buy display port cable.

I tried HDR -> Enabled HDR both in windows 10 and monitor, screen goes extra bright. Did not feel any difference in picture quality. I wont be using HDR.

My monitor has IPS glow, If I view a black image / black movie scene from an angle, a light yellow color glow, but when I am sitting close I do not see this.

The min brightness is issue, Even If I go less brightness (<20) and contrast the monitor is still too bright

The monitor stand is ok. If we try to click any button on monitor or accidentally touch it, It shakes.

Few things I field weird are, there are no drivers to install. I downloaded a zip file from acer's website. Zip contains these three files (, VG271U.icm, VG271U.inf )

In windows where we can select the display resolution, it also shows (3840 x 2160 and 2560 x 1600) and my monitor resolution as 2560 x 1440 Recommended. No sure why windows show the option for higher resolution

Overall I am very happy with the purchase.
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