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Styx sequel comes with more ambition, bigger budget, new engine, and more!​

Following its positive reception from press and players, Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios wanted to delve deeper into the world of Styx with more ambition! The centuries-old goblin assassin Styx returns in a new stealth game, Styx: Shards of Darkness, with a bigger budget, bigger ideas, and a new engine: Unreal 4. Revealed in the first official screenshot of the game, check out a nimble, more refined Styx, built from the ground-up. Master of Shadows was a valiant exploration into the world of the green goblin thief, but in Shards of Darkness, delve deeper into a more complex narrative and fully realized world.

Following the fall of Akenash tower, an extraordinary matter has forced Styx out of hiding to infiltrate Körangar, the city of the Dark Elves. Supposedly impregnable, a diplomatic summit offers Styx a chance at slipping in unnoticed, as he learns that the event is nothing but a mere façade… Moreover, the Elves have joined forces with the Dwarves, and the only thing both races have in common is a mutual hatred of the Goblins…


Styx: Shards of Darkness, the sequel to Cyanide Studios' stealth cult-classic Master of Shadows, comes to consoles and PC in 2016. Styx creeps back in a new adventure packed with bigger production, tonnes of new features and a new engine: Unreal Engine 4. Today's new images reveal a few of the many dangers your green anti-hero will have to face during his journey.

One of the hostile factions you will meet in the huge underground city of Korrangar is composed of the Dark Elves. Dark Elves were previously Elves who had to live without any amber for multiple generations. Slowly, they have been turning into fanatic and bloodthirsty creatures. They became masters in Quartz fabrication, a new, much more dangerous, source of power. They are also experts at goblin hunting and the Exterminator Dark Elf is proof of that. He has honed his skills to perfection, and is able to flush out pesky creatures hiding in dark corners and hard-to-reach places with toxic bombs.

If there's an even more dangerous place than Korrangar, it would be Wildoran, the city of goblin hunters. Wildoran inhabitants are stout people wearing heavy armour - the powerful Dwarves. Styx is unable to breach their impenetrable defence, so you must innovate and adapt to disable or avoid them. Every dwarf also has a supernatural sense of smell, and is able to slowly track Styx as he moves from cover to cover.


This is only a small example of the many enemy types Styx will face in his journey. Each faction has many unique classes of enemies and will require you to creatively utilize all of Styx's tools to overcome them: assassination, amber powers, talents and skills, equipment, etc. But that's not all! Deep in the most dangerous of areas lie greater foes and obstacles that are epic in size and scale - monstrous beings that overshadow anything Styx has ever seen!


Infiltrate your way with Styx: Shards of Darkness, available in 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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^^ Remove the first video link. If someone hasn't played the game then it will spoil everything for him.


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Anybody even completed the first game? I played it, and left halfway.
Nowadays, most of the games are going for sequels - thanks to the trend started by PoP, Hitman franchise.


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I recently bought it after seeing the review. I must that I was impressed by the reviews. I have played 1 mission in the past and quite liked it. I'll hopefully complete it when I get time.

The Launch Trailer is so funny LOL. If game is like that, then I'm sold. :lol::rofl::lol::rofl:
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