[Stupid question] I've a non-functional LG G4, how can this be revived?


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The question is pretty stupid, I've a dead LG G4 (No warranty. Single SIM model. Original leather back). What to do with it?

I've tried to repair it via official channel. LG service centers refused to touch it as it was bought at a foreign location.
Mailed to customer care and even they adviced to take to the country from where it was bought.

I've tried to get this repaired by local geniouses but they too failed miserably.

It's now lying on my desk and smiling at my frustration.

So, coming back to the question again, what can I do with it?


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So, it doesn't boot and now a brick.
u have two options :

Participate in E-Waste programs.
Use it as a paperweight
Disassemble the parts and sell them in OLX


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One fine morning I put the phone to charge. At that time it had only 3% battery.
The moment I put it to charge, it went into boot.

I left and came back after 2 hrs and found the screen black. Tried to switch on but it did not.
I assumed that battery could have died, bought a new one and charged to full. Nothing happened.

Took it to service center and later got it inspected by local servicemen. None but one could even figure out what have happened.
That one guy told me that the Motherboard is not working and need to be replaced. Fixing? Nah, he won't be able to do.

LG is not willing to import one motherboard from China to fix this and I'm stuck!


It's pretty much dead then. I had similar case with my Nexus 5 once. I put it on charge and BAM, it was gone. The phone wasn't even booting. The service center person told me that it's ROM was gone, and so the whole motherboard needs to be replaced.
+1 for E-waste programs.


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I understand that it's now useless but can't believe that nothing can be done to revive this.

Used it only 9 months. The display was really good and it felt premium with the leather back-cover.


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there are threads on xda for hard bricked and soft bricked devices.
See what you can do..

most of the cases you need to dig deep to uncover truth of your devices..
best wishes.. :)
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