Stuck with Error 0x0001.


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Since last night, whenever I open Nvidia GeForce Experience application on my MSI laptop, I'm getting this message displayed **"**Something went wrong. Try rebooting your PC and then launch GeForce experience.

ERROR CODE: 0x0001"

Let me know if anyone knows how to fix this error code 0x0001.

Error Faced On Dell Inspiron.


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Just pasting the official link for Display Driver Uninstaller for people reading this thread later :


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Error code 0x0001 for NVIDIA GeForce Experience
  1. Check the NVIDIA Display Driver Services.
  2. Update your NVIDIA Display Drivers or migrate to the BETA release.
  3. Clean Install and Reinstall the Drivers.
  4. Relaunch GeForce Experience.
  5. Check NVIDIA Telemetry Container Settings.
  6. Reinstall GeForce Experience.
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