Strange behaviour of two service providers

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I want to know why does this happen

1. When I try to access from BSNL broadband, browser gives message, site temporarily unavailable, where as at same time if i access same site from reliance, I dont get this problem. This problem is not with all sites, with FEW SITES ONLY and for sometime only.

My friends say this is some dns problem of BSNL, can anyone tell exact technical reason for this.

Thanks :p
technically DNS error means ur Browser is not able to find out the IP address of the Server where is located and hence it can not request and fetch the webpage u r asking for. basically its the Domain Name Server of ur Internet Service Provider (BSNL), which is responsible to do such IP resolution. However its better to switch to a better and reliable DNS such as Open DNS or a simple pair of DNS which is use.
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
which is really easy to remember.
In fact u can add as many DNS as u want and give them an order in which u want them to be used.
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