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Store Msgs on Memory Card

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goto messages >> options >> settings >> other >> msg. memory >> mmc...
or something similar...


Newer S40 phones (including 6233 and later) can store messages in memory card. But that applies only to files recieved via bluetooth/infrared. Regular sms/mms cannot be stored on memory card. Also in case of files received over bluetooth/infrared, the phone stores the messages in the memory which has more free space, which means it can either be phone memory or memory card. There is no option in the phone of any kind that'll let you choose the message memory of your choice. The phone decides it on its own.
Previous S40 phones lacked this feature; they saved all messages in phone memory only.


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I have a 6600 & i have saved a lot of messages in the "My folders". this is on the phone memory.
I want to back up all these messages. The PC Suite for Nokia 6600 dosent show this folder.
Please help me in backing up these messages.


if im not wrong, the native/inbuilt memory of the fone is used for storing messages, settings, and the contacts.... the memory card is just an expansion for storing other stuff... so i guess u cant store messages in the additional memory.... in ne case, messages dont take up a lotta space... my fone shows 1k for each message, and that aint too much...
tho i might be wrong... :)
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