Steelseries Siberia 200 is cheaper in India than any other country !! Grab it fast!

The Steelseries Siberia line of Gaming headphones are not often cheap. However, somehow, Amazon India is selling a $80 (₹5,300) headphone for a mere $56(₹3650). ​Ok its a plain boring black coloured version, but in the US they all cost the same. Buy SteelSeries Siberia 200 51133 Gaming Headset (Black) Online at Low Prices in India | SteelSeries Reviews & Rating

Unfortunately, its main rivals like Kingston Hyper X Cloud 1 , which i was planning to buy and should costs the same $80 (₹5300) is sold at slightly premium price of $89 (₹5965) which is way above my budget.
Another rival in this segment Corsair Void Stereo which costs the a bit lower at $70 (₹4675)is sold for $113 (₹7558) here, WTF!!
The cheapest of the bunch Logitech G430 which costs $60 (₹4000) is decently priced at $73 (₹4900)

Steelseries headphones price tend to fluctuate a lot, like it did with Siberia V2 and V3 last year, so i recommend you all grab this baby if you have the cash

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