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Stars in all the posts

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Is it only me or to everyone. see (3rd alphabet) is bein repla*ed with star (asterisk) everywhere. Same with * (fifth vowel). :D


Right off the assembly line
Let me predi*t the f*t*re:

Some mod or admin will *ome and say
Hey, this is not the right pla*e to post. Post all yo*r q*eries in Whining/*omplaint thread.

Then after yo*'ll post it there, the topi* will die down .

On the topi* however, I am seeing two parti**lar alphabets being repla*ed by *, those who are followed by b and t


Šupər♂ - 超人
see & yoo r missing in posts, doodes...
prononse them

The whole kharakter set is korropted.... like apostrophes too....

time to go the koolblooz way

temporary glit<h... i sappose
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i tho*ght there m*st be some game r*nning on.. b*t i was wrong.. i'm j*st seeing *** in all the posts..


Legen-wait for it-dary!
I *an *onfirm this started happening at 05:45 PM IST today. Before this it didnt happen. I'm VERY s*re. Its only * and * *hara*ters that are missing.
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