Soundbar/Speakers for TV : 6-8k

Looking for a soundbar for my parents. Will be used with 55" TV.

Currently, have a Sony 5.1 HT + bluray system but the lack of equalizer & good sound profiles make my parents not use it much. Problem is, for some audio outputs like explosions, the sound is just too loud for home use compared to speech volume. So planning to sell it & get something else.

Budget - Upto 8k, something cheaper which is a better value is welcome

Requirements - No need for 5.1, not much content anyways & overkill for parents. Bluetooth is nice to have.

Usage- With TV for everything from general news channels to movies/TV series.

I was eyeing soundbars as they look clean & can be kept below the TV. Open to other 2.1 speaker suggestions as well.


Feel Pain.

I liked the sound signature of JBL

This samsung one has higher power.
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