Sound Blaster Audigy + MX518 mouse

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Cyborg Agent
1. *Model number and details:Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Value
2. *Date of purchase:May 2010
3. Reason for sale:Upgrade
4. Warranty details:None
6. *Location of Seller:ASSAM

1. *Model number and details:Logitech MX518 mouse
2. *Date of purchase:2009
3. Reason for sale:Currently using Razer Abyssys so this is lying spare
4. Warranty details:None

*Expected Price:Rs 1600 +Shipping@actuals for both

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by mithun_mrg, on Flickr

PB030426 (Small) by mithun_mrg, on Flickr

PB030427 (Small) by mithun_mrg, on Flickr
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