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Sony Xperia E review


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A friend bought S advance for 11.3k with manufacturer's warranty out of ebay..
you gotta use the coupon though but they are plentily available
They were also available in HS18 superdeals for 11k

Right now it's available for 11.6k at HS18..

BTW OP, you didnt review the bundled headphones.. how are they ?
I have heard complaints after jellybean update s Advance giving lots of problems ?


Hey dude how has your experience been with this phone so far ? I cant decide between this,galaxy young and xolo q700.
Amazing experience so far.
My uses are basic as mentioned above.

Price wise I admit it's on the higher side, you get similar or better specs at this range but I guess it's the brand value (?). Current price less than 9k though. Also there's the dual SIM model for those interested.

The bundled headphones are very good. It's the same 'gift' Xperia Z users get. same to same bhai.

Also CyanogenMod 10 is awesome.
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