software to transfer photos and files between android phone and window 8 pc


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Onedrive is a cloud storing app like Dropbox and Google's Google Drive.

To transfer photos and any files I have found AirDroid to be the most awesome.

Just install Airdroid on your Android and you can access Complete phone on your PC if you are on same Wifi network. You can access every content of your phone through an local IP address or even through any other PC through Internet (although data transfer is limited to some MBs if you access phone's content over Internet).

The Airdriod interface in browser provides a Linux like UI for your Android. You can control your phone from the browser, browse files and contacts and much more. It's really cool.


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ES Explorer on the Android phone. Switch on wifi. Connect to your home router. Enable Remote Manager in ES Explorer settings.

Install and open FileZilla on your Windows 8 PC. Enter the ftp address provided by ES Explorer. Go.
Alternatively open Explorer and type the ftp address into its address bar. Go.

AirDroid is a good application but for me it runs slightly weird. Cannot explain properly.
I suggest Xender File transfer & Share to transfer and share images, games, movie, videos, documents and even apps.

My favorites features
No Internet required.
Unlimited Data transfer with a very high speed.
File transfer between Android to Android and Android to iOs devices.
“Phone replicate” is one function which helps to completely transfer all the data from one phone to other in one touch. Finally an easy way to swap phones!

Try it!


have downloaded moto device manager but the cmptr doesnt recognise the moto g 2 hence this need-which is the best offline app to transfer files



I find this app easy to use & UI is also great.

With AirStream it is absolute fun sharing media & accessing files from PC on Android Devices- access GB's of videos, photos, music and files from your PC or laptop instantly on your Android phone or Tablet. You get to browse your entire computer and stream all your favorite movies and media.

AirStream also provides access to multiple cloud apps like Dropbox , Google Drive & OneDrive.

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