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SmartPhone Budget 51k

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and all of above guys .. who so ever think that iphones are extremely ugly in prices ..!!
sit back down !! It's not for indians ..
you might also know that iPhone in US is 200 $ (on contract) !
and it is made for those only have heavy pockets ..
But seriously, you also have to agree that android apps slows down the mobile. aren't they ?
iPhone or iOS is smoother that android !
Hey no one said that iphone is ugly.
And why do day that its not for Indians.Indians are now more crazy for mobiles then any other country that is the reason why every company wants come here and get their mark in India.India is the country where the maximum no. of mobiles are sold all around the globe.Just see your friends and nearby and notice how many of them use a basic phone these days.
No offence on what you said but I think you shouldn't have said that "It's not for indians".
Yes I agree that it is made for heavy pockets as it is an high end phone and every high end phone can't be afforded by everyone.
And even I agree and I think everyone here will agree with you on that iOS is the best and the smoothest OS.
Android slows when we run a huge no. of apps or when the memory is low and its not the case with iOS.
But it doesn't mean android is bad.As iphone which is having iOS is not affordable to everyone,then android is the only option left and now we have got very good android phones in the market which can compete with iphone, you have to agree with me on that.

I agree that Apple is highpriced BUT they provide the quality.
+1 on that.
I like apple products very much and I know that their quality is awesome.
They give for what the charge for.But there can be some other things which they can provide and in somethings which are lacked in iOS like very small things such as no bluetooth transfer and depending on itunes sometimes.But then we can't get everything in every product, one has to compromise on some end.

an android can come now a days even in 3000 bucks .. huh.. (I guess I wrote some high price :-D )
Dude I thing you also know that what is the difference in 3k and a 30k android phone.
So please accept that you have made a mistake by saying this.

We all know the fact that what we can't afford .. we always critisize it ..
Isn't it ?
No, I don't think so.Here on TDF you will not find a single person with that kind of attitude.

Android have rubbish apps .. that's y I hate it.
It ruined my S2.
Thats not true.
I have played a couple of games(exactly same) on an iphone and android and their were a minor difference that too in a few games.As I said before iOS is smoother than Android but it isn't that bad.
I think you had some really bad experience, well there are exceptions.
Please accept that so many people can't be wrong.Again I am saying its not that bad.

And ya ! android have lots of customization .. So do iPhone !
they both have different !
Agree with you on that.

one of my friend also says that apple is not good ..
Why most of Indians hate that ? Answer I already given .. OVERPRICED .. haha !!
May be some think like that, but not all.
I call such type of people big Idiots or in my words morons

I want to know that why the 16 GB is enough ?
I was thinking to buy 16 GB only, but than when I came to know that there are some HD games which are nearly about 1 GB in size.
so I thought to go for 32 GB.
what do you say ?
which are those large sized games ?
I think 16GB is enough but if you can spare extra money for 32GB then you can buy 32GB.Its good to have a good memory,there is no harm in that :wink:
But there is no such heavy games which is of 1GB(I think so as I haven't come through any)


Firecracker to the moon
Iphone is only good for siri.Nothing else.I dont think i would spend 45k just to try out siri.or for a phone.45k is a overkill


those who buy apple products are biggest fools not just fools biggest fools on earth why read this

Apple: Poor working conditions inside the Chinese factories making iPads | Mail Online

Workers in Chinese Apple factories forced to sign pledges not to commit suicide | Mail Online
Revealed: Inside Apple's Chinese 'sweatshop' factory where workers are paid just £1.12 per hour | Mail Online

inspite of ripping their stupid customers why can,t they pay a better salary to workers
the total cost of a iphone parts is not more that 10000 rupees


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1. Budget?
2. Display type and size?
Best suitable
3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?
4. Preferred choice of brand?
5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type).
6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash, autofocus, front facing camera.
Need the best possible in this price
7. Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc).
8. Preferred connectivity options (3G, Wifi etc)Please specify clearly.
9. Preferred applications (Flash, Swype, GPS, etc)?
10. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, mails, internet, gaming etc)?
Gaming and Entertainment
11. Any specific mobile phones in consideration? iPhone 4S
12. Any other info that you want to share.
m a Fan of Apple !

was there any point of creating this thread?

That said, other posters need to stop behaving weirdly for no reason.

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