September 2021 Feedback thread


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Hey post feedback for the issue here. It will be considered on par with reader's letters, can be published in the magazine, and qualifies for the letter of the month prize as well.

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Can we know who qualified for this months prize ....

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I am a subscriber since 2007/08 . I found the magazine in a newsstand and started reading it on my journey . I wasn't much of a reader back then . I was fret that I was about to complete the magazine . I kept rereading the magazine until my subconscious mind signalled me "You're all caught up" .
And I must admit that I'm never caught up reading digit . I still have all my digit issues since back then and I just place them in my book shelf to signal that "hey , look , im a digit reader" , just so that I could show off all my issues and get them into reading .

I have gotten into that point of stage , where it went like , you must read this 2009 cover story which predicted what could future look like and they were true , Oh and you must check this dmystify which covers this topic as youre interested in it ... They eventually subscribed to digit and almost everyone fell in love with the dmystifys .

The cover stories just hit differently , oh boy , the fastracks and the SKOAR Poster (Been using the RDR2 Poster in my bedroom since 2 years and giving the other Posters like a giveaway to my friends , until my current poster goes in bad condition) . In a world of dopamine-ridden-tech addicts , digit makes me nerdish , satisfies my know-it-all curiosity and made me gave up on facebook inc.

I love the DVD Content , I enjoyed the James Burke Connections Documentary where he talks about technology trap and stuff . Please try to include similar jewel documentaries .

Coming to the feedback part :

The magazine quality only improved since 10+ years . Im quite busy these days and I'm getting acquainted with the digital version of the magazine . The new version of digital magazine is great , the readability has improved a lot .

I would love to hear what technologies/apps the digit team is using and why ?

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