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Scientists create the first life form with 'alien' DNA


Lost in speed
theverge said:
Researchers in California have for the first time created an organism whose genetic code comprises six letters, instead of four. This means that the bacterium, described in a study published in Nature today, is the first life form to contain artificial genetic building blocks.

When biologists talk about the letters in the DNA alphabet, they are actually talking about nucleotides: molecules that bind together to make up the DNA double helix. Normally, these molecules are made up of four letters: A,T, C and G. But scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have managed to add a single pair of artificial "X" and "Y" nucleotides to the genetic code of an E. Coli strain, reports The New York Times. And thus far, the bacteria appear to be reproducing normally and passing on the new X-Y pair to their offspring.

Scientists create the first life form with 'alien' DNA

Now the creationists will jump out, and say this too is an act of god!


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If all these developments make me live forever, I congratulate science, else ef off.

Why would one live for ever? one would eventually get bored. I would like to live happily for a limited period of time and enjoy the most rather than having to think on what to do in life for the entity of my life before kicking the bucket.
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