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Hello everyone, going to build a gaming PC in February or March. Core components are i5 7600k, well that may change if Ryzen surprises intel and everyone, Asus z270-a, 16gb RAM, 500gb Samung 850 evo, Corsair Rmx650, Nzxt s340, LG 22MP68VQ which is a freesync monitor. So what i am confused is which one to go for? Both are ideal for 1080p gaming but amd has a better dx12 support, has 8gb vram, and also the monitor is freesync enabled. I have always bought nvidia cards before but this time i am inclining towards the amd card. Also, what i want to know is earlier amd had bad driver support but i have learned it has changed since polaris as drivers have improved a lot. So considering all the factors what should i choose? I would be buying the Asus Strix version of either cards as i just like the design of the Strix.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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HIS RX480 8GB IceQ X2 Roaring Turbo @ 23k (6 power phases + standalone heatsink)
Sapphire RX480 8GB Nitro+ @ 22k (5 power phases)

AMD GPU is DirectX12 compliant and ReLive Drivers brought much better fps than GTX1060 even in some DirectX11 games.This can further be crossfired with another RX480. Vulkan & Asynchronous Compute is based on the hardware.

But GTX1060 is much power efficient.
Cannot be used in SLI mode rather can be used in Hybrid SLI mode which is a new technology not yet fully developed.
Vulkan is used via software.

Even an RX480 + GTX1060 can be used in Hybrid mode.

Vulkan API is the future of GPUs. Hybrid mode is a branch of Vulkan.

If you can wait for RX490 then it would be awesome piece of hardware based on Vega architecture.

AMD Ryzen might be released in March, So if you can wait until then it would be better or else go with Kabylake for now.

Even Kabylake is good hardware.

Both AMD Ryzen or Intel Kabylake does not support Win7/8.1 but only Win10.

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