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Hello Digitians,

I've a 50mbps FTTH connection at home for my parents.
No. of devices connected routinely are 2 mobiles & 1 chromecast.
The maximum possible no. of devices connected during myself and my brother's visit will be 10 mobile devices, 3 laptops & 1 chromecast.
When the above happens, the connection speed will be increased to 100/125mbps.
My ISP has provided with a temporary router TPlink TL-WR840N and I'm looking for a router to handle the above said devices & speeds.
The house area is 1100Sqft and the router will placed at the center of the home.

Based on the previous suggestion threads I've setup a budget of <3K and looking at suggestions TPlink C6 scores well.

Will it be good enough for my usage?

Also what is the difference between TPlink C6 & A6?
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If you are going to connect so many devices with good connection speed in future then it is better to extend the budget & get a router costing ~5k which will definitely have better hardware.


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Is the Archer C80 any better compared to Archer C7?
C7 is a known established model even abroad with reviews on many global networking sites/forums. C80 is newer but nothing much about it on net indicating it is not geared towards "enthusiast" markets like USA etc. Also note that C7 was first launched in 2013 & there has to be something about it that this model continues to be in market till now.
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