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Robotics Workshop

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For students residing in Mumbai

A robotics Workshop is being planned to be conducted on the 8th & 9th of September 2007 for engineering students giving them hands-on experience on how to make a robot.

The workshop will be conducted in teams of 4 participants at a price of around 750/- to 800/- per head

Each team will be provided a kit which will contain all the components required and the completed robot can be taken by the teams (incase u fight who gets to keep it u can give it back to us
), the participants will be guided on how to make the robot and the participants are the 1s who will be making the robots by themselves.

Wired & Wireless robots will be taught in this workshop.

If any 1 is interested please let me know via the pm or post in this topic itself .... also do tell ur friends about it

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Awesome, Im an Instrumentation Engineer and my team as part of the final project did a land robot which detects mines and onto which a camera can be mounted for exploration purposes.

Got me 170/200 :D I love Robotics.
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