[Query] RMA of Logitech Ultimate Ears in India


My logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 headphones have simply stopped working, no matter which wire I use, or the source i connect them to. They were purchased about an year ago ( I do not remember the exact date, will have to dig up the invoice).
Where can I get them RMA'ed in Hyderabad? I could not find a single email address for customer support on the website of logitech or Ultimate Ears


Broken In
Dude,i posted my experience in a thread and it included a link for all the service centres
-> Logitech Walk-In Center (WIC) support in India - Logitech Support Article
Thread : *www.digit.in/forum/service-rma-watch/192429-logitech-rma-mouse-lamington-road-mumbai.html
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