[Query] RMA of Cooler Master Keyboard in Hyderabad


I bought the cooler master rapid-i keyboard from Flipkart 31st August, 2014. But within a few months, 2 of the keys no longer have functional backlights ( Right shift and L key to be precise).
Where can I get the RMA done in Hyderabad? The website of cooler master does not list anything, and the place I found on google searches list shops in CTC, which is very far from my place ( I live in Hi-Tech), so I dont want to waste time going there if avoidable.
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Acro Indujstries does the RMA of CM products. contact this guy. I sent my CM Devastator Mouse to Acro for RMA after contacting him. Also if you have any other queries, go on Erodov, there's a subsection just for CM RMA and queries and there's also a CM India official there.
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