Require VPN tutorial


I have a home computer having a good internet connection.. I would like to use this PC as a VPN server to access league of legends on my University wifi (which obviously blocks the game)..
AFAIK, I can login to the client, access the ingame store but cannot launch the game..
League utilises the following ports
5000 - 5500 UDP - League of Legends Game Client
8393 - 8400 TCP - Patcher and Maestro
2099 TCP - PVP.Net
5223 TCP - PVP.Net
5222 TCP - PVP.Net
80 TCP - HTTP Connections
443 TCP - HTTPS Connections
8088 Spectator Mode

I would like to use hamachi or openVPN or any free and reliable vpn to access the game tunnelled through my home PC..

Any tutorials or tips please ?
Thanks in advance

On a side note: Access blocked websites also, if possible


I used Privoxy (a very similar software to Proxifier), It did work, here in my home pc and laptop to set up a private VPN.. but I have to test it in university.. on monday..
Thanks for the input :D
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