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So last night the ONU or whatever it is called, which is provided by Alliance broadband just died (photos below). I contacted the LCO and being a great human being that he is, asking 2600 for replacement of the same, which i would rather die than give.

So question is, in these taking-advantage-of-the-situation times, any cheap ONU device available anywhere?

Needless to say I'm without any sort of interne, so this is rather urgent.

This is the device photos, what are these called exactly like EPON ONU or what? I've no clue about these things:



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Take the replacement, if you somehow manage to get it from market/outside then Alliance people will wash their hands off if any issue occurs saying "compatibility problem" & they might not even be able to configure it properly.


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Isn’t there is any warranty of the same ....Like 1 year, assuming this Optical Conversation is new less than a year.
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