Report: Blizzard Releasing StarCraft HD


According to respected Korean site iNews24, multiple sources say Blizzard will announce an HD version of the original StarCraft this September.

It will reportedly play the same, but have a better resolution and UI. iNews24, the country’s first online newspaper, is reporting (via tipster Sang) the following:

Today, multiple sources with knowledge of Blizzard internal plans said that Blizzard will reveal StarCraft HD to the public this September. The StarCraft HD remastered version will retain the original gameplay and is said to have improved graphics resolution and user interface (UI).
According to the iNews24, more details to follow in November during BlizzCon.

It’s not known if the rumored HD remastered with feature 2D or 3D graphics.

Why September? As tipster Sang points out, the StarCraft II World Championship Series wraps up then in Mexico, so, if true, a reveal during that month would make sense.

The original StarCraft is still in the top ten Korean net cafe rankings, and an HD version certainly does seem overdue, if not inevitable.

Still, Blizzard has not yet confirmed this report, and it could be false. Kotaku reached out to the company prior to publication, but hasn’t yet heard back.

Report: Blizzard Releasing*StarCraft H

I hope they do same with Diablo 1 and 2 :p


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Here we go!

Announcement video

Starcraft and Brood War expansion goes free. I'm so playing this all over again!


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So all the campaign missions and everything will be Free ?
That's correct. The original / current Starcraft anthology is expected to be free with upcoming patch 1.18. The remastered has a price I think.
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Why do i feel this is some early april fool joke, blizzard does that .. remember starcraft in VR ?
Yeah many thought so but these starcraft HD rumors are in circulation for a while now so it looks real this time. The official announcement by Morhaime and their official Facebook page team also replied to the people asking if it's real or early April fools joke.

- - - Updated - - -

In preparation for StarCraft: Remastered, SC:BW will be receiving its first official patch since January 21, 2009—almost 8 years ago. This patch mostly contains bug fixes and added functionality, with only 2 changes to unit bugs.

These changes should have little or no effect on gameplays, since SC:R will allegedly be compatible with BW 1.16.

Patch Will Happen 3/30 US Time.

StarCraft v1.18a Patch Notes

StarCraft and Brood War will now be completely FREE.

Specific Changes & Improvements

Please “Run as Admin” during patching; it is required by modern operating systems and your first client run will migrate saves to avoid issues from Windows system admin changes

  • Added windowed fullscreen or windowed mode; use Alt+Enter to switch between
  • Added UTF-8 support
  • Added Keybind options
  • Added cursor clamping in game while windowed; unclamped in menus
  • Added Popular Maps to streamline finding games or game types
  • Added options to display actions per minute
  • Added Observer mode
  • Added opponent information when joining a game lobby
  • Added autosaving for replays
  • Added in game timer option
  • Added UPnP support
  • Improved gameplay responsiveness during multiplayer by increasing turn rate to match LAN speeds over
  • Improved UI layout in sections
  • Improved behavior of available lobbies within the Join game section
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
  • Improved anticheat
  • Improved installation and patching performance
  • Native support for Fish

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed palette issues to correct rainbow water, 80s Kerrigan, and other graphic glitches
  • Fixed problems with LAN game discovery
  • Fixed IME support and other text artifacts in menus
  • LAN and Legacy fixes
  • Valkyries will fire missiles regardless of population size
  • Dragoons will not freeze and require a Stop order before accepting new orders

Known Issues
  • Mac is not supported this patch, but is in progress
  • The profile section is currently unavailable


- - - Updated - - -

Just to be clear - the patch 1.18a on 03/30 and Remastered are two different things.

For one, Remastered will be preceded by a patch to the 19-year-old StarCraft: Brood War client, and this new 1.18a client will reportedly not change the mechanics of the game. To prove that out, this patched version will still be able to connect to players using the existing 1.16 patch (which came out all the way back in 2009). Among other tweaks, like better compatibility with newer versions of Windows, the new patch will include two important updates: the ability to connect to and play against owners of the upcoming remastered version, and the change to a wholly free product. Once the patch goes live, the original StarCraft Anthology will be free-as-in-beer to download and play in both single- and multiplayer modes.

If you pay for the remaster, which will launch on both Mac and PC, you'll get the exact same game logic and content as the original game, only with completely redrawn 2D graphics designed to scale for 4K resolutions and widescreen ratios. Whether the redrawn art will be your cup of tea is another question; early footage includes some monsters, ships, and buildings that look a little odd when directly compared to the original sprites. The remaster will also fully retouch the assets of the game's six campaigns, complete with new "comic book" intro panels and re-recorded dialogue.


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Starcraft Remastered is available for pre-purchase now at $14.99. Pre-purchase unlocks exclusive content: Korhal Command Center, Aiur Nexus, and Char Hive.
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