Reliability of Jio Air Fiber


Asking this on behalf of a friend-he is from kolkata and had been a cable broadband user for a long time but is really frustrated with the poor service and high-handed and arrogant attitude of their local cable wallahs and hence wants to discontinue using their connection.

The alternative is to go for jio air fiber (which is the only other BB connectivity available at their place)-he wants to know whether their connection is stable or not and offers consistently high speeds like they promise.Is their any downside of air fiber that he needs to take into account?

Therefore any feedback on this would be highly appreciated.
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It has the same problem like normal 5g poor upload speeds especially in peak times he will get problems if he or anyone in the household planning to take an online exam now or in the future since all the online exams require to upload the entire screen and webcam in real time otherwise he will get logged out. Take the air fiber as a backup only don't cut the LCO connection


He works in an it company (mnc) and wants to use it for official purposes (team meetings, Kts, watching pre recorded KT sessions uploaded by others etc)
Change to other wired broadband. Air fibre is not a substitute for a wired BB because of issues mentioned earlier. I have seen 5G speeds under 2Mbps in BLR in certain areas even if signal strength is 4 out of 5.


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Same issues as dongles 15 years back. Call it whatever you want signal will be patchy. Just get a 100 Mbps fiber
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