Regarding MS abroad and new GRE pattern


I just finished my 3rd year of Comp ENGG. Final yr begins in 9 days. I doing my engg in VESIT(Swami Vivekanand) so Mumbai University.

Many of my friends gave their GRE the last sem ie 6th sem. I couldnt because of some unforseen circumstances. I just hope Im not too late. Im planning to give my GRE in the coming sem.

Pls guide me on the details of the new pattern of GRE. How does it differ from current pattern. Im a decent student and my vocab skills are good too. Aggregate percentage so far is around 71% which I plan to increase a lil by the end of my Engg.

Also which streams are best for MS and which univ are the best? I love android, mobile devices and computer h/w. Dream companies would be Google,nVidia,Intel,etc

What is the avg cost of the fees. Also how is canada for MS compared with MS in US. I have a few family friends in Canada.
Thanks :)
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