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recovering data from internal HDD


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Hi all,
Yesterday my laptop's internal HDD had a physical impact when the laptop is turned ON. This made my laptop go 'off' suddenly. Then I tried to restart and the bootscreen says 'no media detected'.
I removed this internal HDD and connected as 'external' to my friend's laptop via a USB. It was slow but his laptop detected my harddisk and showed the files. I tried copying the content on to my friend's laptop and after 10 minutes his laptop went into 'sleep mode'. I didn't realize it then.
From then, when I try connecting my HDD to any other systems, the Drive partitions alone are being displayed, but not the files/storage space. When I try to open the drive, it waits for 15-20 mins and says 'not accessible'.
I am thinking it's a mechanical damage. The hard disk makes some occasional 'running/rotating and clicking' sounds.
Any advises on how to recover that data? Any help is appreciated.


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Run crystaldiskinfo free & see if it can detect the hdd.If yes then post the screenshot of its values here.If it can not detect it then only option left is to try professional recovery which is quite costly & not worth it unless data is very valuable.
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