Rayman 1.5: Revenge of the Dark (a promising indie game based on CryEngine 3)


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PC gamers, meet a CryEngine 3 game that is based on our beloved Rayman. Rayman 1.5: Revenge of the Dark is a 3D Rayman game currently in development by Crytek’s community member RayFan9876, “Cheryl Krawelitzki”. This game will be a sequel to Rayman 1 but a prequel to Rayman 2 and RayFan9876′s plan is to get it published somehow after it’s finished. A bit difficult since Ubisoft has the rights of Rayman but who knows.





For more videos, go here:- rayfan9876's Channel - YouTube

Don't know if the developer can sort out the licensing issues, but this ones looks like a winner.

Source:- PC gamers, meet Rayman 1.5: Revenge of the Dark; a promising indie CryEngine 3 title | DSOGaming | The Dark Side Of Gaming
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