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iam normal user ...i have samsung laptop NP-RV411-S02IN . currently only 4GB RAM there. i want to upgrade to 8 GB RAM
according to RAMMon this my laptop RAM specification ...please suggest me which ram specification suitable for my laptop

PassMark RAMMon
Ram Type DDR3
Maximum Clock Speed (MHz) 667 (JEDEC)
Maximum Transfer Speed (MHz) DDR3-1333
Maximum Bandwidth (MB/s) PC3-10600
Memory Capacity (MB) 4096
Jedec Manufacture Name A-DATA Technology

SPD Revision 1.0
Registered No
DIMM Slot # 1
Manufactured Week 37 of Year 2011
Module Part # AD73I1C1674EV
Module Revision 0x0
Module Serial # 0xFE220500
Module Manufacturing Location 1
# of Row Addressing Bits 15
# of Column Addressing Bits 10
# of Banks 8
# of Ranks 2
Device Width in Bits 8
Bus Width in Bits 64
Module Voltage 1.5V
CAS Latencies Supported 5 6 7 8 9
Timings @ Max Frequency (JEDEC) 9-9-9-24
Maximum frequency (MHz) 667
Maximum Transfer Speed (MHz) DDR3-1333
Maximum Bandwidth (MB/s) PC3-10600
Minimum Clock Cycle Time, tCK (ns) 1.500
Minimum CAS Latency Time, tAA (ns) 13.125
Minimum RAS to CAS Delay, tRCD (ns) 13.125
Minimum Row Precharge Time, tRP (ns) 13.125
Minimum Active to Precharge Time, tRAS (ns) 36.000
Minimum Row Active to Row Active Delay, tRRD (ns) 6.000
Minimum Auto-Refresh to Active/Auto-Refresh Time, tRC (ns) 49.125
Minimum Auto-Refresh to Active/Auto-Refresh Command Period, tRFC (ns) 160.000
DDR3 Specific SPD Attributes
Write Recovery Time, tWR (ns) 15.000
Internal Write to Read Command Delay, tWTR (ns) 7.500
Internal Read to Precharge Command Delay, tRTP (ns) 7.500
Minimum Four Activate Window Delay, tFAW (ns) 30.000
Maximum Activate Window in units of tREFI 0
RZQ / 6 Supported Yes
RZQ / 7 Supported Yes
DLL-Off Mode Supported Yes
Maximum Operating Temperature Range (C) 0-95
Refresh Rate at Extended Operating Temperature Range 2X
Auto-self Refresh Supported Yes
On-die Thermal Sensor Readout Supported No
Partial Array Self Refresh Supported No
Thermal Sensor Present No
Non-standard SDRAM Type Standard Monolithic
Maxium Activate Count (MAC)
Module Type SO-DIMM
Module Height (mm) 30
Module Thickness (front), (mm) 2
Module Thickness (back), (mm) 2
Module Width (mm) 67.6
Reference Raw Card Used Raw Card F Rev. 0
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Any DDR3 1333 1.5v laptop ram like these should work:
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