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I was watching a tutorial on GMetrix on YouTube. There is a question for which I'm not sure about the answer. Neither do I find the instructor's method to be correct. I have attached a screenshot of the question with this thread.
In the question, 'Quarterly Goal' refers to cell B18, having a value of $100,000. 'Quarterly Bonus Rate' refers to cell B17, having a value of 2%.

To see how the instructor attempted the question, go to the link on YouTube : Moderator edit: Removed link.
He is using the sumif function, which I don't find logical. But I also don't know what should be the correct answer.

Can anyone experienced in MS Excel please help me out! I'm preparing for an exam which is due in two days.

Thank You!


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Thanks for pointing to the exact timeline, else it would have been impractical to watch the entire video for the given time.
Exactly what part is not clear to you?

All it expects is for each employee, find all those items that are more than 100000, sum them and then apply the % bonus to that amount
SUMIF is going to SUM all those entries where the IF criteria is met.

Now you get sum of those values that are above the target. Now multiply the SUMed value by the % bonus to get the amount of Bonus that should be given to that employee and that’s what the question expects as an answer.

SUMIF makes it easier, else you would have had to use SUM & IF separately in a complex Array formula.
The basic math’s principle is (A * Z) + (B * Z) + (C *Z) = (A + B + C) * Z

More on SUMIF here
SUMIF function
Snehit Sah

Snehit Sah

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Thanks for making the question clear :)

Actually, I had found the question to be a bit cryptic, since it doesn't mention anything related to summing or addition. But now I understand it.
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