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Query of 3 games.. :P

Pratik Pawar

Gaming for challenge
Friends, I hav doubts abt 3 games & their PC version..
1. the latest NFS version was NFS Rivals last year, any news abt any newer ver. dis yr, nxt yr.?
2. the FIFA world cup 2014 game by EA sports, its pc ver. is not der ryt? any idea is it comin later sometimes.?
3. any Idea, abt any PC ver of the game Subway Surfers? mumbai version only.. 1st one I already have..
thanx.. :wink::lol::mrgreen:


^^FIFA World Cup 2014 is different than FIFA 14.
No FIFA World Cup 2014 is only for xbox 360 and playstation 3, not for PC
Pratik Pawar

Pratik Pawar

Gaming for challenge
Yeaa, **** people dey are to not bring any PC version of FIFA World Cup 2014 :( :( :-x:-?
btw, playin Subway on Bluestacks is fine, m already doin it. prob is, if I had 2 Uninstall it, or format the PC,
den all my game progress is lost rite..?? :(
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