Proper way to clean a LCD screen?


I would like to know what is the safest and the most effective way to clean a monitor,such that it doesn't leave behind any unsightly stains or smudges or scratch the surface of the LCD panel while being cleaned.

There are plenty of so-called monitor cleaning kits available all around-but i am quite skeptical of their effectiveness.

I recently tried to clean a monitor using some distilled water and a microfiber cloth but despite my best efforts,it left behind some white smudges which didn't go away completely. Even though i tried to wipe them off several times,yet the stains still persisted.

Is there any alternate method that could be used for cleaning? Are the commercially available cleaning solutions (that are bundled with the monitor cleaning kits) safe for use?Please advice.
I blow air with my mouth & use a simple cotton cloth for dusting the screen (old vests are best). I keep the screen tilted forward by maybe 2-5 degrees, not a lot to be noticeable but far better for dust control than tilting it backwards by a few degrees (for some reason I see this a lot).

For stains, I just put some water on the cotton cloth & wipe it off.


Cyborg Agent
I use IPA cleaner and soft cotton cloth. IPA cleaner should dissolve dust and remove any stains or smudges. I generally wipe only in forward direction and avoid reversing it.


The Slowest One
Do not spray directly on monitor, spray it on microfiber cloth and then gently rub over monitor.
Be wary of how much of percentage is alcohol. 70% is fine, 90% IPA is bad since it seems to damage the matte finish of screen.

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