Problem with video player.!!!


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I am currently using Win 7 64bit,monitor samsung SyncMaster2233. I usually use MPC for playing movies, but from some days when i play video in MPC is does'nt play smoothly,its video takes about .5 sec pause after each 3-5 sec but audio plays nice.
I tried VLC but in it video is not clear and we can see square boxex of pixels.

Is there a solution???:-?
Try this :-
Open VLC player, click Settings > Preferences. Expand the “Video menu"
Highlight “Output Modules( by Clicking on it ). Located bottom right of the window, click “Advanced Options".
Under “Video Output Module. Select either one of the following options ( If one fails, try the other )
-DirectX Video Output
-Windows GDI Video Output
See if that works for you!
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