1. B

    Subtitles problem in MPC

    Hi Guys I have been using MPC from the past 7-8 years now. I never had any problem. Few minutes ago i was trying to turn off the subtitles of a .mkv movie which were hardcoded. Unfortunately i messed up with the settings and now i am getting bolder, bigger subtitles over the actual subtitles...
  2. TheMost

    Media Player in ubuntu

    I use MPC ( k-lite ) for optimal playback in my Win7 .. Now i have slightly started to use ubuntu ... Ubuntu is unable to play BDRips by default .... and many formats What is alternative for MPC on ubuntu .... I consider VLC bad ass player .... only good for playing everything ..... So...
  3. TheMost

    MPC or MPC - HC ?

    Hello Guys , Currently i have k-lite and MPC and MPC HC in my Win7 64 bit I too have core AVC professional 2.5.5 I should open the 720p/1080Rip Files in MPC or MPC HC I am unable to Figure the difference .. Please help me out What will be the Best playback ( quality ) settings .. No...
  4. revolt

    Mumbai univerity Revaluation.Please provode some info if you have.

    Actually can anyone please help me here.I have given my last year sem viii BE examination.and cleared it.However my sem vii (2009) marks were cad/cam = 34, mpc = 28. My mpc subject marks were increasing.Therefore i put it for revaluation.After revaluation i got mpc= 37 marks.(actually it should...
  5. sky90

    Problem with video player.!!!

    I am currently using Win 7 64bit,monitor samsung SyncMaster2233. I usually use MPC for playing movies, but from some days when i play video in MPC is does'nt play smoothly,its video takes about .5 sec pause after each 3-5 sec but audio plays nice. I tried VLC but in it video is not clear and we...
  6. koolbluez

    Convert anything!

    Sounds unbelievable? Well.. u saw it right. There's an online conversion site which converts audio files, video, presentation, document, spreadsheet, etc.... for free... 24hrs a day... 7days a week... U don't have to install software, u don't have to register. Just upload ur file (upto 100mb...
  7. G

    These swf files don't play in mpc but do in firefox

    Hello, firefox plays these swf files but mpc, a component of K-lite codec pack, willn't allow it as won't internet explorer. Perhaps flash player, with activex controls, specifically for ie isn't installed? properly?
  8. drgrudge

    DVD playing problem (cracked & vibrating voices)

    Now I got another new problem, the DVD plays with voice being cracked and gives a "vibrating" effect :( This happens in all the DVD :( Do you guys think this may be due to the fact that I did something to the registry thing ( I installed MPC and wanted to add the option "play with MPC...
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