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Problem with monitor(or is it a software one)

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Problem with HCL monitor(or is it a software one)

I have a HCL system with my monitor HCM785 17 inch monitor. There are 4 buttons on the monitor apart from the power one for changing the various properties for the monitor such as brightness and other factors. Now the window regarding this operation keeps popping in randomly whenever I have my system and monitor on. The buttons then sometimes appear to work but at other times cease to work properly. And the window disappears after a while all by itself.

Actually the window is not actually a window(which can be minimised or closed)just the thing which appears on top of every other application.

So is this problem a monitor related one or a software related one ? The window does not appear to follow any consistent pattern while it appears.It just appears randomly.

Please help asap. As the problem is quite irritating.
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its a monitor problem and or your own handling mistake... nothing wrong with system.. this is control panel windows , which is displayed when we pree the menu button on monitor.. :p refer the manual.. it will help you.. :p


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I have the exact same problem too(same monitor).Started 2 days back.Someone please help.


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I have the same problem.
my monitor is HCL.
model: HCM780M

i guess , this issue is with lots of HCL monitors.

well.. i tried to DEGUASS the monitor and it wokrd fine for a while. bt it apperaed again. so i degaussed it agin. it doesnt appears so frequently nw.

To degauss your monitor, open the monitor menu( by clicking on monitor menu button). and go thru the menu options. there you will find a degauss option click on it. your monitor will flicker once.

I also think that if u r using a laptop or another monitor nearby, this problem occurs.
Twice this problm occured to me this year, n both the times i was a laptop near by...

just chck if u r too using laptop near ur monitor.....

plz post if u gt any other solutns
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