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Killing Machine
A classic returns. All set to face the Prime Evils again on September 23 !!

Diablo II: Resurrected (thread here)

Why is asus not launching any phone in india? First they didn't launched zenphone 7, and then when zenfone 8 was going to launch, they delayed it due to COVID and it isn't launched till now.
No idea, was waiting for it. Was not even getting battery for my S8, so had to change phones even if it meant a bigger phone.


From flipkart and online.


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New Laptop (Legion 5 Pro)
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A bit of feedback, I used to think HDR400 (on my old LGUK850) was decent and that is how picture should look. BOY WAS I WRONG.

The lenovo Legion 5 pro has a much better implementation of HDR, colors do not look washed out when you toggle it in windows and its super vibrant, HDR videos looks almost as good as my oled one plus 7 pro. I would 100 % recommend this laptop if your plan is to watch a ton of movies on this. The audio quality is sucky though.

New HDD for NAS
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