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Epomaker S68 with Outemu Blue switches. Has RGB and bluetooth. Got it for Rs 2643, shipping included.

Acer Nitro VG240YS for Rs 12.6k. Bought it seal packed from zoukart fb group. Received it today. Feels like I've doubled my screen real-estate. Have configured the laptop's display as secondary. Only con I've found till now is the stand.

Setup update:

Table is from Ikea (Linnmon Adils). I'm glad I didn't get a 27" monitor.

Next steps: Find a good full size deskmat/deskpad and place to keep the headphone stand.


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@SaiyanGoku The keyboard is great purchase at that price! You ordered from the here? If the shipping charges are so low then I might be interested in some mech keyboards for myself. I also want a 65-75% keyboard to save space on table.
What mouse and mouse pad you are using?


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Upgraded from rx570 4gb

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Yes from Epomaker only. IIRC I got it in 2-3 weeks. I was using 100% keyboard but now I miss some keys.

I got them with my laptop, Illegear Fang 2019 model and Matmaster control mouse pad. I also have Rival 110 but haven't felt the need to use it since I don't play competitive shooters.
I use numpad at times, so won't even consider to move to even TKL. What about warranty for such KBs? I assume none?
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