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Portable 3d DVD Player?


how is Worldtech 9.2 Inch Portable 3D DVD Player??

Rs. 5,490

Free 3D glasses (1 no) worth Rs 1490/-

9.2" High-resolution widescreen TFT LCD
Advanced simulated 3D engine creates depth from regular 2D content
LED backlight technology
DVD, DVD�R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG, MP3, and XviD compatible
Plays digital audio, video, and photo files directly from USB and SD/SDHC memory cards
Compact portable design with anti-skip circuitry
Dolby Digital decoding
AV outputs for use with home theater systems
Integrated stereo speakers
Headphone jack for private listening
Multiple language, subtitle, and camera angle support
Parental lock controls

reply plss


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Not worth it imho.

Better buy a Tablet, Nexus 7 for example when it comes out.
That is an anaglyph 3D glass, one you can make with a red - cyan glass paper (approx 20rs total). The resolution is what we had in the 90s, and it's probably a Chinese player, re-branded to something else.

My advice would be to stay away from these things, portable players are a mess to handle. Buy a tablet, you can very well use it for anaglyph 3D and much more.

And if you are after 3D, even the basic 3D kit costs 5k alone, that is the signal transmitter and two glasses. I say enjoy your 3D movies in the theater and use anaglyph till the 3D services are cheaper.

Lalit Kishore

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Refrain - save your money - and if you need a portable 3D player, better spend this budget on getting a 3D enabled laptop (or tablet - as has already been suggested). 3D at home is best enjoyed on a TV - if you are willing to go the whole hog - go for a passive 3D TV from Toshiba or LG.
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