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Am using IE6 on Win XP Home.
While searching for something called a "cheat code", a nephew clicked yes to run an Active X.
Since then, am plagued by pop-up web-pages promoting various articles. How do I get back to the peaceful "see what I want to" status?
Why dont you try running Ad-aware/Spybot S&D.
I would recommend you to install popupstopper.
All of the above softwares can be found in the Digit CDs/DVDs.


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Sounds like a Adware/Spyware problem.

Use SpyBot from this months CD. Also, it is better to use FireFox or Opera, they are much faster than IE and automatically block pop-ups without having to install extra tools.


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learn your lesson:whenever you visit "cheat code" web site,they install spyware.
they ask you to click yes to get code, which in turn installed spyware.not run more than one antispyware on uyour computer
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