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Plz Suggest a Workstation+ Gaming Ring


Right off the assembly line
Im planing to buy a Workstation + Gaming (my bro is a hardcore gaming freak :) i alredy have Asus k53sv laptop but it heats a lot ....dats y im planning to buy a desktop.. Plz Suggest a Workstation+ Gaming Ring or a branded model under Rs 55000( No need for Monitor ) .
I am currently studying animation (3dsmax , Maya ) i do lot of rendring so PC must be cool always ...

What I Prefer - AMD or Intel based Machine ( i heard AMD Bulldozer 8 core processer are awesome and its a cheap altrenative to intels i7)

- a future proof up gradable motherboard

-16gb ram or Close

must have an awesome graphic card ( my bro always preffer to play games like crys 2 .bf3 , and it will have to play even upcoming GTA 5 at best settings)

1 tb or at least 720gb SSD & HDD ( i can sacrifice 1tb to 720 )

WIFi and awesome cooling system (fan)

DVD RW / no need for blueray drive n all ..

plz suggest configurations or a branded pc model :)
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