Pls suggest a phone for senior citizen - Samsumg f14 or moto g 52 / 62


Broken In
Please suggest a phone for a senior citizen. Need Good call and stable network.
Facing Issues wrt call and network with the current phone (samsung a30 - very old phone now).
5g is not a preference.

Uses :
1. Bank / payment apps
2. Uber
3. Whatsapp / fb / youtube.

No Gaming.

Considering samsung F14 and Moto g52 / mot g 62. Always been a samsung user so shifting to Motorola and its UI is a concern. Samsung f14 - people say it is heavy.



ACid DrinkeR
I went with Samsung M14 (similar to F14) for my dad and he's very happy with the purchase.
Got it for 13k - 1k discount - 2k exchange = 10k
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