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please guide purchasing laptop warranty and adp


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I have purchased hp-15 bs180tx laptop from a reseller in Gujarat in India. he said get warranty online from hp site.
I have checked out hp website and it is so annoying that they have lots of care pack for accidental damage protection and extend the warranty.

please tell me about how can i purchase hp India extend warranty and accidental damage warranty.

Tried their helpline but it is closed on Sunday and in they have working hours from Monday to Saturday in office hours and i don't have time in that period as I am also a working person.

if any of you guys have experience buying warranty and ADP online please let me know here.
it is on urgent basis.

note: it is necessary to buy an extended warranty in 7 days of purchase and i am running out of time it is last day tomorrow.
I would say buy extended warranty during some sale. Sometimes companies give sweet deals on purchase of extended warranties(I bought 2 years of extended warranty for 2k from Dell). Also I don't think its worth investing on ADP as companies have stopped including it with laptop & charge huge amounts if you buy it from them. Moreover no need to get extended warranty on normal laptops. I highly recommend extended warranty for gaming laptops because they run at high load for a long time, so higher thermal stress which can lead to problems after 2 years ( have seen it with my previous laptop & some of my friends laptops).

If you use your laptops properly & take care of it (keeping the vents free mainly by not using on bed or similar surface), normal laptops should run fine for 4 years. I personally think even companies don't make it to run longer than that. Some minor problems usually start appearing after 3 years (usually hinge issues).


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For Harassement-Packard especially, don't get the extended warranty but get the adp. You will have to call the customer support to know about the packages and all but don't expect good support from them.
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