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Phone for gaming (20-25k)


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So my Nokia 2300 died on me yesterday and i have no option but to buy a new phone. so guys help me out which phone i shall buy, i need something good with handling graphics intensive game.

1. Budget -
20-25k (cheaper the better)
2. Display type and size - id prefer a fhd resolution and would prefer to avoid higher resolution
3. Dual sim - no
4. Preferred choice of brand - any
5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera) - front facing camera, but camera performance is not something i care for
6. Preferred operating system? - Android
7. Preferred connectivity options - 3G
8. Primary use of handset - Gaming
9. Any specific mobile phones in consideration - OnePlus One, S5, Note4(used)
10. Any other info that you want to share - The phone is primarily for testing Unreal and Unity games, so most important feature is the capacity to run stutter free smooth graphics.


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on paper it looks great but any idea how intel chip handles Unreal Engine / Unity ? any link to benchmarks would be greatly appreciated.


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Why aren't people speaking about a.s.s.Get the phone with better a.s.s. always.End of discussion.

On plus has 0 a.s.s. in India.Better get an established brand if you are getting a device for gaming.

Gaming usually deceases the life of the device.So obviously good after sales service highly recommended.
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