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Hello There ,

I have an iphone XR running on iOS 14.
I want to know that Is there any free app which shall click the picture of an document and convert it into PDF for sharing?
And the PDF must be in smallest size such as 5kbs or 6 kbs as I want to upload those documents in PDF where they only accept smallest size of PDF :|
I do search for these kinds of apps at App Store but they all have some deficiencies likewise they were not free, if free , they click larger files like of 5 MB and 10 MB , etc.
Please tell me which may be an ideal app which can do the job seamlessly.
There were tons of apps for Android but I am not able to find it for my iPhone :-(
Thank you very much for your kind assistance :)


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Tried this? average size 500-600kb for 3-4 page document.


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You can try the following steps to convert into PDF for iOS
1. First off, head over to the doc that you want to turn into a PDF file.
2. Now, tap on the Share button.
3. Next, select the Print option in the share sheet.
4. Next up, ignore the print selection and simply pinch and zoom out on the preview thumbnail to instantly turn the doc into PDF.
5. Up next, tap on the Share button at the top right corner of the screen.
6. Now, choose the Save to Files option in the share to store the PDF file in the stock file manager app.
7. Save the file at your desired location and you are ready to go!

Try PDF Compressor for resizing PDF


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Okay , Thank you very much for your response.
And I have opted for an alternative also.
I have an Honor 7x Android phone , so I had installed an app 'Notebloc' for the purpose and it is doing the job so easily.
So , I will use it for that very purpose whenever I need it :blush:
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