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So I was not sure about where to post this but basically I plan to upgrade my rig in a few months time. And I was planning to just get the highest end cpu my motherboard supports. It's apparently an i7 4770. So I was wondering is it a good idea at this point to get a used/refurbished i7 4770 (which should be fairly inexpensive at this point) and another 8gig of DDR3 RAM. I plan to pair it with something like a RTX 2060 or something similar of that tier (as in similar price bracket). Is it a viable idea or should I just buy a newer config?


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Drop any plans of buying anything older than 8th gen/ryzen if planning on pairing processor with latest graphics card like 2060 or above.
Why tho? Bottlenecks or compatibility issues?
Yes, bottleneck will be visible with an i7 4th gen. Unless you plan to upgrade CPU, mobo & RAM is future as well, no point in getting RTX 2060. Better to upgrade your rig as a whole with something like R5 3500 + 1660Ti, will cost more but might perform better than i7 4th gen + 2060.
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