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[PC Suite] Mobogenie for Android


I am the master of my Fate.
Hello Android users,

This is new PC Suite for all Android Users :mrgreen:

But I wonder will it be better than Wondershare MobileGo :chinscratch:


Source: Mobogenie Review, Price, Specifications - Tech2


I am the master of my Fate.
anybody tried this?

I installed it today & its awesome phone manager far far better than wondershare Mobile Go

- u can download google play apps directly & keep the apk as backups (nice)
- download ringtones,wallpapers,youtube
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Cyborg Agent
best software ever for Android phone user, it recognised everything, backup apps, photos, wow, was looking for something like this for long time, thanks for sharing


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it is good but not the best. The best free pc suite for android is perhaps - moborobo. mobogenie doesn't support wifi connectivity to connect pc and mobile while moborobo does, anyone would prefer wireless over old school wired usb connection.
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