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no,i was talking about removing the entire front panel (or the front fascia) from the cabinet itself (as shown in the the photo above).

In my cabinet it doesn't budge even after attempting to pull it from the bottom-i was wondering whether it was due to an optical drive that's currently present in one of its 5.25 " drive bays or not.I dont want to apply too much force and then end up damaging something.
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i think u might need to remove the usb to remove it or it will come off as u remove the front panel, gonna give u the link the removing of front panel is at 5:30


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What you do to your old components when you upgrade computer/laptop components? RAM, HDD, Graphics Card, Motherboard etc?


Yes. One part as of now. And other parts in 2-3 years.
if its working give it to someone who will surely make use of it, or just organize and store ,Idk if u have any recycling centers near by u can go there if its trash i hope they wont just dump it somewhere
or u can make something artistic or useful out of it.
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