PC Shutting down due to very hot CPU


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Hey Guys,

My Graphics Card recently died. Savera RMA had sent me a brand new GPU :razz::lol::-D:-D)
But then I have found out that the PC shuts down automatically after 3-4 minutes of playing games.
I checked the temperature of CPU :
After boot up : 40-41C and during playing games it goes to 80+ and that's where I think the PC shuts down.
Under normal operation, PC works fine. It only shuts down when i play some intensive games

Now I'm really surprised to find such high temps for the CPU. Prior to my GPU dying, i use to get Idle CPU temp of about 31-33C and 50-52 under load. How come suddnely the CPU is getting very hot

Could you please help me with giving the reason for it.
Also appreciate the solution { hardware / software(doubt it) }
Run Prime95 for ~30 mins and see if the powers down just like it does when gaming. Keep logging the temperatures too using Hwinfo or some other tool.
Any additional info on how to test, what parameters to use will be very helpful

What additional info? When it starts, select 'just stress testing' an then 'start'. Keep it running for ~15 mins and rub HwInfo with temperatures being logged to a file. Google for how to log data using HwInfo.
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