Pc freezes when USB Device inserted + possible psu problem


Okay, so here's what happened -
1.my 320 gb external hdd stopped functioning

2.after that any usb device plugging in would cause my pc to freeze

3. Googled and as a possible fix Used USBDeview to delete all known usb mass storage drivers

4.the problem remained

5.after that a new problem popped up...no hdds in my pc will get detected, after a few restarts one hdd smart status shown bad

6. Few restarts later, the os hdd would detect, after very slow boot up, the display would vanish,like tv display, in times of powercut...pc would shut down, power button would not work

Question 1.do I need a new psu?
If yes please recommend an economy one.my config-
Athlon II x4 630
2x2 gb corsair ddr3 1600mhz
Biostar 785 g3hd
Seagate 7200 rpm 80 gb
Hitachi 7200 rpm 1 tb
Wd green 5400 rpm 1 tb
His radeon 5570
3 Led fans

Question 2: What do u make of this usb problem?
How can it be corrected?
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